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Historic U.S. Elections Marked by Record Turnout and Political Shifts in 2020

Road-Trip Across The U.S. for AJ+ documentary

The 2020 United States elections were a historic and pivotal moment in the nation's political landscape. Against the backdrop of a global pandemic and heightened social and political tensions, a record-breaking number of Americans exercised their right to vote. The presidential election, featuring incumbent President Donald Trump and former Vice President Joe Biden, saw unprecedented voter engagement, with over 159 million people casting their ballots, the highest turnout in U.S. history.

The election determined the country's leadership and brought about significant shifts in Congress. Democrats retained control of the House of Representatives. At the same time, the balance of power in the Senate hung until two runoff elections in Georgia tipped the scales in favor of the Democrats. Joe Biden emerged victorious in a closely contested presidential race, securing both the popular vote and the electoral college, making history by selecting Kamala Harris as his running mate – the first woman, and woman of color, to hold the office of Vice President.

The elections underscored deep-seated divisions within the nation, highlighting issues such as the handling of the COVID-19 pandemic, racial justice, and the state of the economy. 

These photos were taken during the production of the short documentary "Can America Be Great Again?" by AJ+ in several U.S. states.

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